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lolo's lair

Hey there... not that anyone probably cares, but here goes. I'm a 27 year old(occasional) college student, former Army specialist, and currently work for Books-a-Million as a barista. I've moved all over the place since I was just a baby because of my mother being in the Navy for 20 years, starting in Virginia (a few months), California (a few more months), Hawaii (five years), Tennessee (five years), back to California (four months), back to Hawaii (six years), and then finally settling here in Florida when she retired, where we've been for the last 12 years. For my own Army career, I got to go to Missouri (nine weeks), Texas (ten weeks), Virginia (eight weeks), Germany (two years), and Kansas (one year). While stationed in Germany, I got to make a few side trips to see France and Spain, and was deployed for 5 months to Bosnia. I've been through many hurricanes and tropical storms since I've been in Florida, and even a couple while in Hawaii. The worst we had here in Pensacola though, was Ivan a few couple years back, which caused a great deal of damage. I'm scared to see what future years have in store for us here in the Gulf Coast, but I'm so burned out from all the moving during my youth to actually bring myself to move anywhere else now...

I'm a fan of anime and manga, mystery novels, and sci-fi/fantasy. I love cats... hence my name "lolo popoki" which means "crazy cat" in Hawaiian. I'm a humble fanfiction writer on fanfiction.net for the series Rurouni Kenshin, although I haven't been very active there lately. I love listening to music, and have probably over 400 cds (I lost count a long time ago...) My tastes are eclectic, ranging from Beethoven to Rob Zombie. I'll listen to pretty much anything actually except gangsta rap, and those growly death metal bands. I used to enjoy drawing, but I've gotten bad at it from disuse. I do have a few of my older works posted at deviantART if anyone is interested. I have the link to it for my webpage.

Good grief. *looks up at bio* That's probably way more than anyone cared to know... *shrugs and waves sheepishly* Well anyway, thanks for coming by! Please take care!